Study Abroad

Students can apply to study abroad through International Education Link via the following academic levels

  • ICGSE (Grade 10) completed

    Into a Foundation Pathway.

  • Grade 12 completed

    Direct entry into Year 1 of a University or via International Year 1 or a Foundation Pathway route if grades need to be improved. This is the acceptable norm for most international countries.

  • A Levels

    Only required for Medicine studies in the UK and Oxbridge Universities in the UK all other UK Universities will accept good Grade 12 pass.

  • Bachelors degree completed

    In some instances directly into a Postgrad level if student has studied for 4 year at a tertiary level alternatively a short Pre Master’s program will suffice.

Some interesting facts

Did you know!

Students can complete their Honors degree in just two years at certain UK Universities from start to finish.

Did you know!

There is an affordable way to study in the UK via a College - attain your HND and then progress to year 3 at a UK University - this is a SMART, quick and affordable way.

Did you know!

If you are aiming to study at a highly ranked University in the UK and your marks don’t meet the entry criteria, you can start your studies via a recognised Pathway Route on the University campus. This way teaching is via a smaller group in a classroom type setting which provides a strong grounding. Students can progress to Year 1 in September the same year.

Did you know!

The Master’s Year in the UK is only one year long – saving students time and money. After graduating, students can stay behind and work for two years, earn £’s and gain valued international work experience