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The sensible way to study during COVID

This sums up the Hybrid Learning System made up of Online/Blended/On-Campus Learning which all our international tertiary partners provide ensuring that students can navigate their way around the pandemic.  You are in control and can choose to travel when you feel comfortable to do so!

Since March 2020, all our University partners rapidly transitioned to remote learning and have continued to improve and develop robust online courses, whilst adapting their on-campus facilities to operate in accordance with social distancing measures.  They are proud to still welcome students back to higher education whether it has been on the University Campus or Online.

We are pleased to advise that no academic time has been lost during the pandemic and in fact costs reduced – making it more affordable to attain an internationally accredited degree. 

Considering the affordable and un-precented pricing and scholarships offered by certain international Universities in our vast portfolio – this is the most sensible way to study!