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What is an Undergraduate degree?

Program choices - too many to mention - whatever your selected program is – we will find you the right university via our vast portfolio of universities.

This is your next step after completing high school. It’s usually your first University or tertiary degree such as an associate or Bachelor’s degree. This must be completed before considering any postgraduate programs. Undergraduate students may study a huge range of subjects, basically embarking on the first level of university studies into any subject that is studied or taught at university level – which is pretty much everything and anything! A big difference between undergraduate and postgraduate studies is the volume of independent research that students are expected to undertake. Undergraduate students may gear there studies towards career specific courses such as Engineering vs general subjects such as History, but this type of undergraduate course can lead to further training in a graduate scheme or go on to further to specialize and study at the postgraduate level.

Undergraduate students can be almost any age, but the majority of undergraduate students are in their late teens and early twenties and have usually come straight from school or after taking a year or two away from their studies to travel or work. However, many students are taking their first undergraduate degrees as mature students or are changing career directions with an undergraduate degree. This means there is no upper limit to the age that an undergraduate student can be. 

How long does an Undergraduate program take to complete?

It really depends on the country and course that you’re studying, but any where between two to four years. For example, with some of our UK partners you can complete your Honours degree in just two years! However some more technical courses like architecture often takes five years to complete at Undergraduate level.

Undergraduate transfers

If you wish to transfer your studies from one University to another, please send us your latest transcripts and we will do our best to get you the best advanced entry that will save you time and money

An Undergraduate program when studied in most countries abroad includes the Hons year. For students wishing to transfers from a Bachelor’s level, we can assist via our University partners, for students who have completed a four year Undergrad degree, to transfer directly to a Postgrad entry level. If this is not possible, there is short Pre-Masters option available. Depending upon where a students has studied previously and where you wish to transfer to, rules can differ, however we do our best to ensure that we save our students time and money via the most workable transfer we can suggest.

What you need to submit when applying for Undergraduate studies


Interesting Information

Amongst the many hundreds of Universities we partner worldwide with for postgraduate studies, we are pleased to mention a very special boutique style international University that concentrates purely on Postgraduate studies. They are highly research based and specialize in Science,  Engineering, Technology and Management programs and boast top worldwide rankings.  They offer a dedicated Information Specialist in each subject area and boast a student/staff ratio as low as 7:1. They offer a vast range of unique programs. Contact us for more information.

What you need to submit when applying for Postgraduate studies


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