We do not provide names of Universities on our website, in spite of the fact that we partner with many hundreds of Universities worldwide. There is a good reason for this – we provide a very important service to our students and that is to recommend the best University to suit each student. It can be deceiving to find names of many Universities, since not every University is right for every student. Allow us to guide you to the best University that suits your individual academic ability, program and lifestyle preference and most importantly your budget. 

Once we receive your application, we will assess it, that forms part of the Application Fee of R1950 that is charged. We will then contact you and suggest some of the most suitable Universities that would be right for you. We can then start the application process to ensure that it works for you.

Choose to study anywhere in the world


Edulink is able to offer students every type of University from all around the world. See our world map for details of the many countries we offer via our vast portfolio and most of these have a large selection of Universities to offer. 

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The United Kingdom

For example there are well over 100 Universities to choose from in the United Kingdom and these include the following types of Universities –  Ancient Elites, Russell Group and Modern Universities that are all State run and provide an excellent standard of education.   There are also a small number of prestigious Private Universities.  Edulink partners with all the above types of Universities in the UK and is able to guide students which Universities would best suit their academic level, program and lifestyle choice and their budget.

We are the longest running agency to have partnered with UK Universities.  We are also a “bone fide” UCAS centre. UK Universities use the UCAS system for most undergraduate applications and this allows students to apply via this generic system to five Universities at once. We also have direct applications portals to certain UK Universities.

When choosing the United Kingdom as a study choice,  students can choose from traditional style universities, which are full of character or modern Universities and both have their own unique offerings which we will help students to match up to based on their program choice or lifestyle preference. Most Universities are located over beautiful sprawling large campuses offering all  types of facilities –  this is the ideal type of University for international students to choose, especially at an Undergraduate level – a great way to meet other students and to settle into a new country. There are also many Universities situated in the middle of buzzling cities, which are more suited to Postgraduate students. We assist students to progress to different Universities and countries for their Postgrad studies as this offers added diversity to make a student’s study experience complete.



Ireland is part of the EU and students from South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, eSwatini and Malawi do not require a visa to study in Ireland

Ireland is a very popular study choose – watch this link to find out why!


Germany for example has over 300 Universities to choose from and University studies in Germany are free – read more about this in our brochure.

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How about this majestic University – this is of our partner Universities in Hungary that offers “good value for money” University and Medical and Dental Schools. We also offer Vet Schools in Hungary.

North Cyprus

In the heart of the Idyllic Mediterranean.
Offering students affordable study options with a built in scholarship.


“I wanted to drop you a message to pass on my absolute sincere gratitude for all that you have done in terms of opportunities offered to Cameron as well as support when asked to help.

We are at the end of his journey which I know he will look back on and be so very grateful for. It is such comfort as a parent to know your child is in an environment where there is a lot less distractions compared to those found on SA campuses. I shudder to think the amount of lost education opportunities lost by students because they get so caught up in the social life or influence of others in SA. At least in North Cyprus there has been a better structure to allow for education and growth of the chosen course.” Denbeigh Knight (Parent)

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These are just some of the Universities we have to offer from all around the world.

Browse our Electronic Brochure or Edulink Presentation for more options.


A College is a great option for someone wishing to gain an international qualification in a short period of time. Plus it is more affordable than a University. Classes are also smaller and teaching is vocational based and certain programs offer paid internships. For example, if your interests lie more in the technical, creative, or hospitable career field, a good College may just be the perfect option for you.

This is what you can achieve in College:

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Some Colleges are now awarding degrees themselves which means that you will be able to attain your degree by continuing at a college which is the most affordable route to follow.

Some examples of courses that can be taken at a college include:

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