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University and College Applications

Edulink manages the entire application process for students. Universities and Colleges are assured that when an application comes through us, it has been properly vetted and checked and students stand a better chance of gaining an “Acceptance Offer” this way. This is the SMART way for student to apply.

Student Study Visas

It is crucially important for student to get their student visa approved, since visa declines can result in students not being permitted to reapply in some cases for up to ten years. We are proud to advise that we can boast a 100% visa success rate year after year.

Career Guidance

Whether you’re choosing subjects for high school or making big life decisions about your tertiary studies, Edulink can help you choose through the use of a comprehensive psychometric assessment.

Financial Advice

Believe it or not, studying abroad can sometimes be cheaper than studying in South Africa. However if you do need assistance with fees, we can facilitate study loans and also give advice on scholarships and bursaries.

Orientation and Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is offered to all of our students in collaboration with our partnered universities as well as free orientation before departure.

Discounted Travel

Take advantage of our corporate travel arrangement with certain airlines and receive discounts of flights, extra baggage allowance up to 40kgs, 24/7 helpline, one free ticket change in same class of travel and excellent travel assistance over COVID.

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We have shared a great deal of information which we believe is important for every student to learn about and crucial to understand.  The next step would be, enquire via our “Enquire” Button if you have any specific questions and press the “apply” button if you are ready to apply.  

If you would like us to arrange a virtual meeting with you and your parents/sponsor, please request one via the “enquire button”.

We charge an application fee of R1950, which is necessary for us to start your application and assess which routes would best suit you and possibly save you money.

Our promise to each student –  over the years we have learnt all the tips that we wish to share with you.

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