Did you Know


Did you know - Ireland

If you choose to study in Ireland and hold a passport from either South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, eSwatini or Malawi - you do not require a study visa to study in Ireland PLUS undergrads are permitted to work in Ireland for 1 year after graduating and Postgrads - 2 years.

Did you know - Hungary

Hungary is known to be one of the most affordable country in Europe for students to live in and tuition fees are very affordable. Teaching is of the highest standard and it's all in English. It is an extremely safe country to live in. Every year, there is 100% tuition fee scholarship announced which also includes living expenses. Contact our offices for more details.

Did you know - Malaysia

Offers the most affordable tuition fees and all degrees are internationally accredited. Edulink is running a special offer for students from SADC with their University partner in Malaysia at the unprecedented price of
R28 000 per annum for Online Distance Learning. Students can complete their degree Online or choose to travel to Malaysia to complete their studies. Alternatively they can use their transcripts to progress to any of Edulink’s other study destinations internationally.

Did you know - North Cyprus

Scholarships are offered in North Cyprus - an idyllic Mediterranean Island offering state-of-the-art modern universities with excellent infrastructure. 50 % tuition is offered to all students with a wide range of study programs to choose from.

Did you know – Germany

FREE University Tuition is available at State Universities but taught in German – however we can help you learn German via our German Language provider in 4 to 6 months. Students can also stay on in Germany and work after graduating.

Did you know – UK

All Undergrad degrees finish at an Hons Level and it take 4 years to complete Hons in Scotland and 3 in England – certain Universities complete Hons in just two Years + 1 year for Masters – that means you can complete your 1st and 2nd degree in just 3 years.

Keen to Study Hotel Management or Culinary Arts?

• Dual degrees offered for Hotel and Business Management.
• Study Culinary Arts in some of the leading countries in the world.
• 6 months study/6 months paid internships.
• Work placement guaranteed once graduated at leading hotels in the world.

Wishing to Study Medicine?

We are renowned for our large range of Medical Schools available in 8 different countries – we have the right one at the right price for you.


Canada is a popular study destination for Postgrad studies. The country is safe and peaceful. Add Canada onto your bucket list to progress to after studying your Undergrad degree through Edulink possibly in the Uk or Europe. This all adds up to incorporating diversity to your overall study program.

Vet School

Choose from some of the most renowned and oldest Vet Schools in the world covering studies on domestic, farm, exotic, equine, game animals and genetics

Business Studies

Enquire about our two most popular Business Study programs
Business Enterprise Program – popular with student with an entrepreneurial spirit. Start your own business alongside your program and gain professional mentorship and a start up business loan.
Global Rotation –choose from up to four countries to study in and learn different business techniques and languages in each country.