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One of the main contributing factors, to students not completing their chosen degree, is lack of career guidance from the start which results in inappropriate career choices being made. Choosing a study path that is in-line with one’s passion, purpose and academic ability is a significant determining factor in a student’s chances of success at University, as well as in their subsequent careers. Therefore, it is important that students develop an adequate level of self-awareness as well as an awareness of the current career landscape, in order to make the best possible study choice.

We are proud to state that, based on the preparation work we do with students, our “drop out” levels are zero.

A very in-depth assessment is available via one of highly qualified counsellors as an added service. Especially for students who do not have access to this service at their schools, we cannot stress enough, how important it is for every student to take this assessment to help them choose their study choices wisely.

Psychometric assessments and further guidance

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Introducing Kirsten Curtis

University of Oxford – MSc Evidence Based Social Intervention
University of CambridgeFellowship at The Faculty of Education 
University College London – Research Fellow – Department of Epidemiology and Public Health 

Kirsten has been active in Academia for 15 years. From 2014 to 2020 Kirsten was as a Lecturer at the University of Pretoria, Department of Social Work and Criminology. Having studied Evidence – Based Social Intervention at The University of Oxford; Kirsten is able to work with students through the relevant phases of assessment regarding their studies and future careers.

The enormous potential and inherent gifts in each young adult is importantly noted and thus tailors a consultative assessment using the most applicable theoretical framework as a baseline for the student. In other words, not a blanket and/or generalised approach which is usually conducted through multiple choice, standardised testing.

The methodology used can design a package consultation which would entail an in-depth interview (done with the student, virtually or face to face) followed by a feedback session. The information gathered from the interview will be interpreted and analysed by Kirsten, who has a rich knowledge base and personal experience around academia, students and international study. The dissemination of the information gathered from the consultation is invaluable for informing, motivating and setting realistic targets for potential international students. This discussion is essential to the process of choosing a field of study, the most appropriate course and the University/ies that are best suited to the student. Additional counselling sessions can be arranged.

*Kindly see below for further information regarding the assessment.

Kirsten will conduct and report on the following aspects of Assessment:

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our career coaches then please contact Kirsten on 011 442 9101 /

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In addition, to learn about your social circumstances and how these factors influence your mental and physical health, the following may be addressed:

  • Family relationships
  • Social support
  • Cultural influences
  • Spiritual or religious background
  • Hobbies and recreational activities
  • Living situation
  • Navigating a way around Higher Education during Covid
  • Educational background

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